Lucid death

Lucid Death: Discover the meaning of life and death

Is the first work by Paloma Cabadas and is an international reference for people who seek their own transcendence.

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Synopsis of Lucid death

As the author reveals, Lucid Death is the natural consequence of having lived with lucidity, the discovery of the meaning of life and death as well as the loss of all one's fears and transforming beliefs into direct knowledge.

In her book, Lucid Death, based on the experience of over twenty years of research, Paloma Cabadas explores fascinating topics such as:

  •   The interpretation and discovery of our dreams, premonitions and awareness experiences.
  •   To lose our fear of the unknown, fear of changes and the fear of losing our identity.
  •   To successfully achieve and evolutionarily benefit from out-of-body experiences and subtle consciousness experiences.
  •   To use knowledge of oneself as a self-healing method.
  •   To explore the knowledge of what life after death is like.

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